Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup

17.0.18899.0 (64-bit)
Google Inc.
Easy, fast 3D modeling compatible with Google Earth

Google Sketch Up 3D modeling and graphic design program in 3D models quickly and easily allows you to manipulate all kinds. It's a full tutorial on how you learn how to use all the tools it offers to help very quickly included.

Tool attained vertexes and faces ranging from creating basic geometric figures, including all kinds of options, modeling, texture, not to mention the lighting and rendering tools.

It is very easy to create a geometric figure. You only with the pencil tool and draw a square with the mouse and drag it to achieve volume. Since that time, its Windows, doors can be made in all shapes you can imagine. Of course, you also can choose the color and textures.

You can create your own model is not good, then you can use the program for free by members of the community also built a large database of resources are included. Human figures and decorative elements of the car with all kinds of furniture all kinds of elements, has been included.

JPG,, BMP, TIFF and PNG files to render 2D and 3D objects and scenes for the 3DS, DEM's, foot fetish, DWG, DXF, and SKP files: Google Sketch Up allows you to export 3D models in a variety of formats. MOV and AVI files, such as videos also can render the scene and movement.

This industrial design, architecture, and interior design is a versatile tool. In addition, the program so you can share them with other users in the program Google Earth is designed to allow you to upload your model. A 3D image of a monument of a building in your town you are able to create, then you are the right person for Sketch Up.

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Free 17.0.18899.0 (64-bit) Google Inc.