Avast Online Security

Avast Online Security
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If you believe the security services avast! Antivirus, this Chrome extension for you.

This is a plugin to stop! Thanks to the extension, which will see the ratings of other users of the search results, the information will help you make the best decision you're searching for on the web brings to online security features.

In addition to the security level of websites and web pages, but any site you want to add your own ratings, which will be added to your Chrome Web browser with a single click on the icon to stop it will be able to vote.

Stop it! Online security phishing sites and compiles the information from your website, there are 160 million users to data compiled by using the reputation can create their own trusted pages. Meanwhile, it warns you when you visit the site with a bad reputation or that inadequate security.

The extension displays a content rating system, news, technology, pornography, or identifying piracy.

Stop it! SiteCorrect, an automated service that returns you to the intended site of mis-typed URL brings an additional functionality for users to stop online security program is made available.

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