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Free and open-source browser Firefox: Mozilla continues to work on further improvements to its star products. The main features of multiple websites, all of the existing web standards support, as well as its extension to a personal experience thanks to the proposal of the add-ons, and themes of his tab system at the same time, thanks to browse the options by the community has been made and allows you to extend its function.

His latest release, centered on the technical aspects, such as improving its appearance is pretty much the same as previous versions that have been run. We have performance and stability again, well developed with JavaScript and rendering engines, browser add-on to HTML5 compatibility, increased processing and much more independent.

The speed of the website is loaded, and the use of resources, has also been changed, so avoid using too much memory available in previous versions. Each new version of tool to easily run more and more, it will be able to compete head to head with its main competitors.

Each new version of Firefox is definitely represent a significant change and improve its services, making it an easy alternative to the Internet Explorer and Google Chrome as the primary choice for millions of users around the world has become a must see.

Out of 52 different plugins like Java version of Firefox and gets rid of

One of the most popular desktop browser, Internet Explorer, when there appeared a sort of Dark Age was not much else in the way of choice. Firefox came on the scene and then everything changed. It is slowly becoming the most used option point the browser market, Microsoft shares ate. But that was short-lived reign, too, given how Google's Chrome fell over itself to a point of reference. Still, even as we progress and get updates Firefox version 52, which is interesting novelties and changes, such as JAVA or abandon Silverlight plugin is like seeing those again. The time has come for a change.

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10 Free and open source applications for Android

Although most Android apps are free, that does not mean necessarily that they're open source or freely distributed. There are tons of options out there, the most popular commercial application quality. Open source applications by their very nature more secure, and customizable than others are vaguer origin. Website Droid-break in the free and open source apps for Android has been compiled. This is our Faves some of its recommendations.

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Prevention includes tools to track your browsing to Firefox 42

Telecom Private web browsing easy and coming out of the continuous tracking of scandals involving the government itself thanks to an ever-Burdhaman obsession.

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