Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD

Equipo UBCD
Analyze and repair your computer from a CD with this tool kit

Ultimate Boot CD is a tool kit that analyzes and repairs computers without performing traditional programs like it runs from the CD without the need for installation, thus without a margin for the driver


This boot CD has various applications for rearrangement, recovery and diagnosis of computer issues.


The first step is to burn the CD with the ISO image and insert the damaged computer's CD-ROM. When you start the computer, the Ultimate boot CD will start playing, but if it does not happen, then you have to restart the system and the BIOS must be accessed by pressing F2 or F10 to correct the boot order so that the optic reader is the first device


At the Ultimate Boot CD program menu, you can use hardware testing, hard drive analysis, cloning and partitioning tools, run low level editors, antivirus, and even use DOS for internet browsers, as well as collection of DOS and Linux boot disks. 


Using this program without prior professional computer knowledge is not recommended.

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License Version Developer
GNU 5.3.2 Equipo UBCD