Windows Inspection Tool Set

Windows Inspection Tool Set

3.1.12 (32 bits)
Ashok P. Nadkarni

The Windows Inspection Tool Set lets you control various aspects of the operating system.


The elements that you control are managed under the following categories: System, Security, File System, Network, and Printers.


The first one gives you some details about computer hardware, operating systems, processes and services.


The second category, security, lets you control the hard drives and volumes between them, as well as various session sessions.


But there are some more: users and groups, locally and distantly shared files, network interfaces and connections etc.


Finally, the Windows Inspection Tool can filter all the information in accordance with the specific parameters given by the set program.

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License Version Developer
GNU 3.1.12 (32 bits) Ashok P. Nadkarni


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