0.96 Alpha

TinyResMeter is a program that lets you control information about your computer's performance.


Lt can see an example of what we see: TinyResMeter uses a disk, RAM, and machine, user IP, TCP and UDP, the number of active connections, transfer rate, CPU usage, active process number, name, and information at a glance. .. and it's all the time in real time.


Real-time information allows you to know automatically if it does not work well and fixes the problem before crash hapen.


However, the best thing about TinyResMeter is the amount of information that it gives you, but it's the way it offers. The program is run and it is kept in the system tray, so if you want to see all the information you just click on the icon that will appear wil in your system tray and you will have access to all the information in a snap.

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Free 0.96 Alpha PESoft


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