Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer

Alexey Torgashin
View files of next to any format

Surely once more that once you have any applications that can open all files, it will be very easy to work that it is thought that you are not the one who ever thinks it and you prove it here: Universal Viewer


Universal viewer (also known as ATViewer) is an application which is an extension, it can run, view, or read a file.


It lets you see text files, binary, hexadecimal, images, videos, sounds, web, Unicode or RTF / UTF-8. All this clearly shows all the controls from a simple and easy-to-use interface that we need.


The advantage given by the Universal Viewer is that we will be able to open files, which we do not know the format or program we want to open, so we will save time and headaches.


If you need an application for all your files, the public viewer will not disappoint you.

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Trial 6.7.8 Alexey Torgashin


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