Smart Eraser

Smart Eraser
Delete data safely and forever

Smart Eraser is a safe deletion application which offers several possibilities when choosing the kind of deletion you want to perform. In addition, it also includes an advanced search engine which allows you to find and delete certain kinds of files and perform actions only on them.

Deleted files are overwritten using an algorythm which guarantees it will not be able to be accessed anymore. date and name will be changed, the extension is generated randomly and more actions. In short, it does many actions in order to make sure that those files are totally destroyed and unavailable.

One of the most interesting points about Smart Eraser is its intuitive interface and its easiness of use. That makes of it a must have if we want to protect our privacy when deleting important files.

Smart Eraser is a very interesting application that will also integrate itself in the right-click menu to help you delete files even faster.


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