LightLogger Keylogger

LightLogger Keylogger

LightLogger Keylogger is a program that lets you find out all the things that happen to your computer - any programs are open, which visits webpages, which are copied to your clipboard etc. - When you are not near it, of course, other users Find out

Once you've installed the LightLogger Keylogger, to start it, click Start hidden mode and remember to combine the keys set to access the option again. To open the menu, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L by default.

Using the settings options, you can set the light logger keylogger to set exactly what you want. You can set the time interval between screenshots. Just be careful, as you can take many screenshots, you can overfill your hard drive very quickly

LightLogger Keylogger is a spy program that, like all such programs, should be careful not to forget that anyone likes to be spies!

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