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CamUniversal is software designed to create a video surveillance system using your own video camera and webcam. It is compatible with webcam, netkom and many other video recording devices.

It displays the camera's view in three groups. Recorder can be an unlimited amount depending on device type. However, if you use webcam for your video surveillance system, the device limit will be only the number of available USB ports.

CamUniversal works by using a movement detector where you can select the recording and the timing that you want to record it, keeping the coordination of the night or day for the movement detector, create different workplaces, take movement video and sound, if you send emails, identify the movement Pictures, etc.

In addition, all the time there is a programmer who claims to have all the video files through the claim.

All cameras and defined patterns work simultaneously with the movement detector, which is hand-in-hand with the designers, photos and recordings that your camera transfers from the video network (from the PC to the video server).

CamUniversal also includes video production from an 'creator of AVI' individual images. It's a composite multimedia viewer, in which you can see videos and pictures from hard drive.

Save a place with this tool!

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