AtHome Video Streamer

AtHome Video Streamer


With AtHome video streams and AtHome cameras, you can use an external or built-in webcam as a remote surveillance camera. You can see the image in real time on your smartphone or tablet, and once you sync your account, it can work on any side.

Once the program is installed on your PC, it can be run in the background and can be used in both cases for sending and receiving camera signals. This means that you can use an external device to see how the computer's camera is going, just like you can use your computer to install the program from a smartphone, tablet, IP camera or other PC.

In case of an access point is a smartphone, you can easily sync your account using a QR code. You can have some cameras active at the same time and manage them from their main menu. The best part is that you can take screenshots, record footage, or use your microphone in your voice broadcast somewhere else.

How to create a home videosecurity system

There is a lot of ways to set a camera in Real-time to view Real's real-time camera. AtHome tools allow you to create an online interconnection between the mobile and smartphone devices on both the remote webcam and integrated cameras.

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