Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016

Preview (32-bit)
A new version of the most widely used office IT suite


This desktop version is accessed (database manager), excel (spreadsheet), ward (text editor), one note (note-taking tool), outlook (email client), powerpoint (presentation) and publisher (page layout and design for publication). It is also an online document manager that can sync with the cloud, the use of online services through your OneDrive account as a major focus on this new version. In fact, to use a lot of suite tools, you need to log in using your Microsoft account.


The interface has been improved, and now smooth and easy to use. Although this is still a basic version, it is better than the earlier version and the document-opening speed is better than the previous version, which takes into account many features, so many features require internet connection. (Many of the existing templates, for example, must be downloaded from the Microsoft server first.)


User interaction is very important, so you can work with a group of users in a document, even if their office packages are not installed, they can access it through the OneDrive browser. You can automatically publish content to your blog or after creating it in the office, it can be shared on your social networks, just mention some new features. 


The registration key for this preview version is NKGG6-WBPCC-HXWMY-6DQGJ-CPQVG


Works for 180 days.

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Free Preview (32-bit) Microsoft


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