FortiClient is a useful tool that you can use to keep your PC safe and secure for its comprehensive service package, which protects your computer completely.


First and foremost, just like the anti-virus programs, Forty Client's most important functions are deeply searched on your entire system, search for all the infected or suspicious files it finds.


You can run this task every week so that your computer is clean. You can even set certain days and times when this scan should be completed.


Also, Forty Client includes a parental control function that allows you to monitor and control your child's activities when using a computer.


With this feature, you can block certain websites or create an alert that will be shown on the screen when someone tries to open a web page.


Finally, this program lets you install VPN (a virtual private network) that will protect you from threats like viruses to navigate the Internet.


FortiClient is a very comprehensive and useful tool that will keep your computer clean and free of viruses. It will protect you both on your web browsing and after your finishing.

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Free 5.0.9 Fortinet