Xvirus Personal Guard

Xvirus Personal Guard

Protect your computer from any threat

Xvirus Personal Guard is a comprehensive protection program that allows you to easily and conveniently manage all the threats that your computer may keep at risk. Its interface is fully organized so that it helps to find all your features from a simple perspective and everyone can know exactly what each one does. This program provides protection for the entire system, including all the files, potential malware that you may encounter while browsing, and unintentionally hidden Trojans in external memory drives, for example.

This program is divided into the following tabs: Home, Scan, Update, Shield, Toolbox and Settings. In the first window, you'll see a glance at the state of your computer, which can help you determine which feature to use to clean your PC. In the second place, the scanner lets you see all the detailed threats installed on your computer and when you can not delete them from the XVirus Personal Guard interface, you can find their location to select the files you want to use. erase. Later, updates help you to ensure your computer is fully up to date, it does not prevent any virus from past and unsupported software.

The shield option provides a great help in working with some files when it puts your computer in jeopardy, such as a harmful material, a suspicious looking website, or a pen drive that is infected by an unknown virus. Source. These options protect your computer from infection, no matter where they come from.

All protections included in this program can be continuously activated, disabled individually, or can be in conformity with a set of customized values ??so that you do not release your computer even at a second even openly. Since this program does not remove the virus, it offers a shortcut from your active antivirus from your interface, which helps you to identify that it can not delete your device with the regularly used program.


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Free 6.0.5 Mysecuritywin