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Threatfire is a different antivirus, when based on the list of viruses working on other antivirus, Threatfire works and scans your computer and detects malicious behavior, such as stealing your keystroke or your information, instead of just looking for known threats to scan.

In this way, Thrustfire can fight viruses and spyware from zero days, trying to do malicious activity from the first time, you will be protected, if it does not matter, it is known or unknown spyware, adware, key logger, virus, worm, trojan, rootkit, Buffer overflow, ...

This means that if an antivirus is already working on your system, thrustfire is useful, some help for your antivirus is always welcome.

Finally, it's totally free and it does not use many resources, so we recommend you try to prevent it from crashing, any other reason is needed?

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