Ronen Tzur


The software is free, but after 30 days it shows a voluntary registration screen.

Sandbox is an effective software that lets you protect your computer from Internet threats, creates virtual spaces on the hard drive, disables it from the rest of the operating system, and blocks any malware off the internet to make any changes. On your computer.

Sandboxie can detect changes in folders and system registry, and virtually no software can escape its sandbox. It separately stores temporary files and browser history. When the session is over, you can determine what to do with the changes that can happen due to browsing the web. The software that you use using this tool works equally well and generally works.

If you are one of the users who have downloaded and installed a lot of care from the Internet, your toolbar fills your home page randomly and prevents your browser, it may be a good idea to install the sandbox. This is not an antivirus or a firewall, but unlike other sandbox systems that take many resources, Sandbox gives you access to your browser and any other desktop applications.

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