Modio is a tool from which you will be able to access files from a hardware using sticks or other types of storage devices to the convenience of your personal computer games saved in your games and Xbox 360 games


At the top of being able to modify Today's Games files, one of Modio's most striking uses is that it will allow you to access an online database of all the games in the world, from which you can download all the saved games you want.


Once you've downloaded the games, you have to do what you need to do to move them to their storage device and put them inside your console. In this way you can have a border in level 2 in just 2 minutes! And it would be very easy that it can be done in a few clicks!


Modio is a tool that is very attractive for regular users and players on Xbox 360, which probably wants to use its various functions. Also, to make the interface easier to use, you do not have to go through multiple tutorials or read the manuals.

By Laura Del Pino

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Free 5.3 GameTuts


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