Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine

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Want to cheat on your video games?

Cheat Engine is a free-source tool whose only goal is to help you use trick and cheat in your favorite video games, so you can change and change all their parameters.


To use it correctly, you will play it before launching the video game and it will continue in the background. Once it's running, you select the game's executable file which then gives you the option to edit some important variables, such as the number of life, or any other changeable parameters.


Now, you are not able to use the plays to pass the game more quickly, for example, to reduce the life of your character, you can correct some important parameters, if you think it is too little.


The program is not easy to use, because as soon as it runs for the first time, it gives you the option to get a complete tutorial that explains exactly what you must do. You, however, will get pre-configured cheat for a hundred games on its official website.


Cheat Engine is an interesting application that will be able to get the most of their favorite games for those flashy gamers, especially more difficult ones.

By Alvaro Toledo

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