Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

Greenheart Games

Play Dev Tactics is a game of technique and management, following the path of Dev Dev (Available on iOS and Android), players can create their own Video Game Development Company, and take it to the top of the basement, take the electronic entertainment world


For this, our contribution will eventually begin in the basement of our incarnation house. From here, you can develop your first video games, and by doing this you will succeed and do not climb up the CD until you reach out to work with other officers in the office.


When your video is about creating games, you have to choose a genre and theme. You can choose between popular mixes, such as a role-playing game set in the medieval times, or more strange coordination, such as playing a game with future settings. There are many more options for you to choose from throughout your development, what you want to do.


Once you finish a game, everything will be in the hands of the critics, depending on who gets your game well, your game can choose the best or bad rate. In part of this note from critics, your number will determine the number of sales that will make your game. And of course, more sales, more money


Game Dev Technology is a strategy and management game that is targeted primarily for lovers of video games who will receive lots of references, messages and wins, and for those who are not aware of all the elements of video games, they are not familiar with all the games. The fun part of the game is out

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