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Sid Mia's civilization is a solid-based strategic game where players can build and expand an empire and become the world's most powerful ruler.


Civilization Quite four times before, comes to live in a detailed 3D earth, adding new ways to play and win, now you can manage your civilization with new tools.


Choose one of the 18 countries to head towards leading some of the most famous leaders in history.


Every civilization has its own particular characteristics - some of these are the expansionists and the winners, when they are truly peaceful. If you start with modern archery and fighters, then catapults, knights, ... and finally will be able to choose between a huge arsenal of weapons with modern tanks, submarines, helicopter gunships or nuclear weapons.


But Civilization IV is more than a war, if you want to become the most powerful, then diplomacy, final, cultural or religious alliance and technical mastery will take into account.

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