Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III

Asian Dynasties
Ensemble studios


In the demo version there is a chance to watch the Japanese dynasty, a new random map (hing), and Hill King, a new game type game.

Age of Empire III is a game of Asian dynasties that draws you into computer for hours and hours. Surely you've never heard of empire and at the moment they have really left an exciting game


The next step in the strategic game of Asian dynasties If you enjoy the age of Empire 3 then you will love this extension. Now you will be able to control one of three Asian dynasties: Japanese, Chinese or Indian and some different experiences: new characters, new weapons, new wonders, new maps and even a new game mode.


You will be able to go to the next era to create new wonders, so you can appreciate the Gate of Indian Chamber, Chinese Confucian Academy, Japanese Tori Gates, Japanese Great Buddha, Chinese Porcelain Tower .... It's great.


Empire III era: The Asian dynasty has three new civilizations, 15 odd Asian wonders, new export resources, new random maps, three positions-campaigns, all new era Empire third character, Eastern tribal group and an asset exciting new home city content.


Lead the Chinese army, the Japanese army or the Indian army. Explore, manage, manage resources with only one goal: There are at your knees in the world.


You will be amazed at the detailed level of graphics and the age of the second Asian dynasty of the Empires. People movement, game modes that will trap you: Easy to play but the master is hard, you will learn how to manage your civilization step by step.


If you like strategy games, the latest age of empires must have a course. 

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