Age of Empires

Age of Empires

III 1.1
Ensemble Studios

In the era of Empire 3, advanced war physics and strange visuals with the advance level of shopkeepers


The Age of Empire III ended the rest of Amphires, where the emergence of European powers, colonization and gamers were set in place to conquer New World.


Now you have the power again, what you will do in your European power and decide.


In the new version you will be able to see your city and control the investment and earn money and military effects from it.


Your army is ready and you make strategies, weapons, attack tactics, ... make a quick decision, his future is in your hands. Restrictions

For the Third Age of the Empire, this Demo has two missions for single-player operations. There is a single-player combination mode in Demo, where you can play on the map of New England and Texas, like British or Spanish Empire.

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License Version Developer
Demo III 1.1 Ensemble Studios


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