Pokémon Survival Island

Pokémon Survival Island

Team Survival Island

Pokémon: Sovereign is a role playing and survival game that combines titles such as Pikki and Miconoft. From the very beginning, you have the opportunity to create loads of items for all Pokémon, story background and work table.


The game's story begins when our hero ships, which you can choose from several options, run aground, escape him as the only surviving shipwrecked on a desert island. So, we have to do everything to save our hero from his reactionary environment, where he invented himself ... only with the help of your primary Pokémon.


At the beginning of the game, you can choose the Pixman that you want to start (you just have to write its name in its capital letter), but thanks to the possibility of creating new pokable, you can try to capture more Pokemon for your group.


The game must, of course, use turn-based combat system from Pikeman. You can choose which type of attack you can manage and want to remove or interfere with any healing or other use


In addition to the usual danger found on a secluded island, you will find several temples associated with an ancient civilization. Among them, you can find some very weird objects and more pokemons, but of course, they will not be easy to reach.


Pokemon: Survival Island is a very complete game, with a great mix of style. The graphics are also taken directly from Nintendo, and all the fans of the story will be known.

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