Pokemon Iberia

Pokemon Iberia

Pokemon Iberia


This 'repack' game includes version 0.22c and packs Spitos packs and realistic screams with Pokémon Classic. To play what you have to do, decompress and double click on 'Games'.

Pokémon Iberia is the classic game Pokémon's remake where its texts and graphics have been completely rearranged, this time, geared towards Spain. In Pokémon Iberia, instead of checking instead of talking to Professor Oak, you have Spanish naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, instead of Puylblow Palata, a complete new adventure where you will start in Albacete.


It is expected that Pokémon Iberia is clearly a tongue-in-gull spin-off and Spanish folklore and a known nonstop jocos, Easter eggs and cultural references, known to some culture. In this sense, in the late 90s, "La Laelenda de la Sarda" is a game that is waiting to be confronted with some parallelism like a huge hit, which kept a huge sign among a large generation of spaniards throughout the era.


Looking for more in the game's story and characters, almost any other title in Pokémon Iberia Sea is almost identical. Basically, your objective here is to capture the insects and defeat the enemy rival when the world (IE Spain) is formed in exploration The difficulty of the game is a little more than the original title.


Pokemon Iberia is a special game. If you do not like Pokemon, you really do not like it, though. Also, if you are not familiar with Spanish or Spain, you probably will not get it. However, for both interested in Spain and Pokémon, it is a great fun success. 

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Free 0.22c Pokemon Iberia


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