Pixel Piracy

Pixel Piracy

Pixel Piracy Tactics, Simulation, and Combination of Rugueles Games in 2D, where players control the captain of a pirate ship, who can perform this post correctly.


You must create your pirate ship at the beginning of the game, it will create it with the blocks found in your list. In other words, you can free your imagination and create the right way to build your ship.


But a pirate captain needs more than just a ship, and you have to hire a crew. To do this you will go through pirates of the game of pirates who hit you as you scratch. Remember that said that each pirates you accept will be demanded wages and you will pay them.


When you are in the city, you can also buy different tools on your crew, new racing and powerful weapons can hide from fingers to get to another ship.


Once you have a ship and a crew you can travel the world trying to lure the beach, the enemy, the city, and anything else you can find. But be careful, because if your hero dies, you have to start again from the beginning.


Pixel Piracy is a fun unique game that combines different genres with a perfect spell, and when you throw in a stealer setting, this game should not go out of style.

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