Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games


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The path to exile is a diablo-eski action RPG where players can create their character and attack the world of war on dangerous tasks and mob attacks, where you have to learn to survive exile.


The character class which you can choose from, prowler, pigment, magician, duelist, template and shadows have each style's own abilities, and, most importantly, in their own way of skill, that you will experience improving as you collect experience.


Although Diablo 2 has some notable aesthetic matches, the game offers every step in the more complex complex mechanic path. Both character development, which offers hundreds of possibilities, and items customization, which allows you to perform authentic tasks with the objects you encounter


Along with the solo campaign, there are hundreds of entertainment in it, this game comes with a dual system where you can play against other players on the battlefield, so you can see who is strong among all your friends.


The path of exile is a brutal RPG in every sense of the word. Not only does it offer hundreds of hours of free play play (you've heard, it's free!), But it has outstanding graphics in graphics and genres that challenge genre gestures. So there is no need to jealousy with Diablo III. 

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