Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga

Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga

Larian Studios


The demo includes just one part of the game.

Divinity II: Dragon Night Saga is a third person RPG in which we take the role of a young dragon killer who binded his spirit he is usually the one animated he usually killed.


The game's main axis for more than 40 hours


As long as we go ahead, we will reach the bottom of the story when we gain power that allows us to transform dragon and build our own castle.


Dragon Knight Saga is another important material playability. Wars are taken in real time and you will be able to use dozens of different attacks and special movements.


Conversations are also important for determining the fate of personality and our character.


This version of 'Dragon Night Saga' is a remake of the classic 'Haughty Drunkenics'.


Divinity II: Dragon Night Saga featuring a fantastic RPG fantastic graphics and many hours of gaming inside. 

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Demo Larian Studios


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