PES 2010

PES 2010

The soccer game par excellence has been renovated

After a new season saw him, millions of euros were spent on the players. Games and football fans are waiting for the new PES experience. This year PES 2010 offers far more than our last year. After two years not so good news, in this season we can say that Pro Evilson Soccer is back again.


This year when we played PES 2010 we were delighted, and if we think of our Gospel we feel last year. This year it seems to be a real challenge in football 10 and PES 2010.


Team strategy is really well managed now, the graphics are amazing, football experience is very realistic. We can say that PES 2010 is a game that sets football as such. This year, in PES 2010, you can play as you were at school, if you want to win the match then you will have to play well. With your goal to avoid the opponent's goal and not to miss the ball, forget about those strange goals for scoring with the same player.


This year you can thank a player for player cards, how well you feel when you play the game, and if you are used to watching football matches on TV you feel like you are happy because you feel you are watching a real match Will be It's amazing. Messi Messi, Henry Henry, Torres Torres, not because of graphics, but because of their skill and movement, they play like real players.


No doubt, this year Pro Development Forum has been developed a lot, we can tell PES 2010 the best PES we have ever played. Download it and enjoy playing real football. Restrictions

The demo version offers a five-minute exhibition match.

You can choose Barcelona, ??Liverpool, Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

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