Euro Truck Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator

SCS Software

Do you love the automotive world? Do you love trucks? Then you're going to love the Euro Truck Simulator - a very unique truck simulator.


Euro Truck Simulator is not a racing game, or similar; Rather you've never been such a computer before your trucks will run such trucks? Transport Merchandise All over Europe


When you start the game, you will buy your own truck and start bargaining from town to Lisbon, Barcelona from Paris to Barcelona, ??to transport goods from town to city across Europe. As you advance in sports and improve your skills, you will be more important to work in goals, and you will need to travel further.


Driving trucks is easy, and different features of each truck are noticeable. Also, you show a good number of cameras to control the steering wheel and other actions, such as closing the load and park the car.


Finally, a description that should be mentioned is the game on the actual highway of the old highway, the map of the cities and a popular backdrop here, such as the Gate of Europe in Madrid or the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Restrictions

60 minutes gameplay

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Demo 1.3 SCS Software


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