Mari0 is a platform game that is visible, characters and ordinary players of the classic Super Mario Bros. which connects with the new-classic portal revolutionary mechanics.


In this way, the player controls Mario, with all levels of Super Mario Bros., which can use the famous "portal gun" to create a portal in any part of the entire visible scene in the entire course of the game. With these portals, the player is able to throw the enemies away to overcome the emptiness in the game, that is, the physics is completely rebuilt.


Before starting the game, of course, you can configure many different options. First, Team Fortress 2 in a horrible week, you can make up more than thirty hats available on Mario. Next, you can choose both Mario dresses and portal colors made of them.


This character personalization will be particularly helpful when it comes to playing multiplayer with friends, as the game allows up to four Marios to launch the same game portal at the same time.


Since the adequate amount of multiplayer game offers and options are not enough, Mari0 includes a level editor that you can use to create your own level, and the easier it is to play with players who have made it better.


Mari0 is a brilliant game, a bright platformer that becomes more fun when acting with friends. What's more, it takes less than 5 megawatts and is completely free. What more can you request for?

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License Version Developer
Free 1.6 StabYourself


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