World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft



You have to create an account in BattleNET to play.



The starter version of the game lets you play your character level up to 20.

WorldCert World is a huge multiplayer online role-playing game that lets you immerse yourself in a famous singer from Blizzard, where the Hordes and Alliance fight against an endless war in the reign of Arthur. This game lets you choose between different races and classes that affect how you play.


Offer unrealistic hours of entertainment as the game ends in the mission to improve your level of level and your equipment. In addition to PvE, you can fight PvP other players if you can lazily travel through the game universe, or in a very specific instance designed to last.


The theme of the game is formally infinite, and it lets you learn all kinds of occupations, pets, form gilds, horsemanship and more. Although many of these features have become quality standards, even though Blizzard has made them all a wonderful one. Millions of active players worldwide are the best evidence of the success of this video game.




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License Version Developer
Free 1.11 Blizzard


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