SpaceTime Mathematics

Many parents believe in computers to educate and entertain their children, and in this case, in your case, you may be interested in a little math that the smallest member of your family can use to practice basic activities.


ArithmeTick is a simple game in which the kids will have to solve a series of mathematical exercises in a given time period. As they solve programs, calculate ticks on. For each wrong answer, a few seconds is closed off the clock, while more time is added for a correct answer.


Each of the ArithmeTick games includes operation, minus, quality, and division. There are three levels of difficulty in adjusting your child's personal level.


The application interface is very easy and big buttons are made, so if your computer knows a little about how to use a computer, it will not be difficult to pick up this game for them.

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Free 3.0 SpaceTime Mathematics


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