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Well, now you can relive it. This game is a clone with a new episode of a game called Dum 95.


This game works in all versions of Windows and includes a launcher where you can configure the game: single or multiplayer, connection type, difficulty level, launch, enabling monsters etc.


Full documented copy has more levels, editors and new capabilities.

How to play real trick on Android and modern PC

The ID software released in 1993 is one of the most influential titles of the decade, which can be the reason for its revolutionary outlook and debate. Nothing is waiting this Friday for the fourth time, but it does not mean that you can not take advantage of the previous titles and enjoy all of them again, such as the old predecessor, such as Hotgram and Cart Cobain Filled their notebooks with pictures. Most dum port now lets you enjoy classic ID software titles (modern desktop computers and Android) and other devices

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Trial 1.9 id Software


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