Dragon Ball Z Budokai X

Dragon Ball Z Budokai X

Diego Arenal

All Dragon Ball fans will welcome this game. Although the game may seem a bit easier, it is very easy to play, it is very easy to master but it is hard to master and your enemies will have to hit a lot because the game has all the characters in all the seasons: Cells, BUU, Cyan, Freezers and Androids


Surprising millions of fans of fantastic anime books, and of course, the TV series is also a free game where you will be able to play the role of your favorite character and you can offer an awesome blow to all your enemies using punch and kick. , As well as the personal movements of each character


Forget all the hard hugs, use kicks and punchs and a bit of magic power to beat your enemies.


Spectacular, Dragon Ball Z Budokai X is far better, a 2D fight game that will hook you up again in the hours of the computer dragon ball again.


In short, an addictive game for all the Dragon Ball fans, do not hesitate, Download Dragon Ball Budokai X and funny hours.

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License Version Developer
Free 2.4.5 Diego Arenal


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