Plants Vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies

PopCap Games, Inc.
Defend your home of the Zombie attack

Many militants are attacking your house, the arms have forgotten because your only defense is a weapon of 49 zombie-jumping plants. Before reaching your home, use peashooters, wall-nut, cherry bombs and many more plants to smash 26 types of militant troops.


Use your garden plant in all types, each of them with different features, they burst, fire, double fire, freeze and more. Choose the ones you need, turn sunflowers and raise more plants, use points to earn points in points. Be careful, every zoology has its own special skills, so you think the plant that will quickly kill them.


Plant vs. The jungle is amazing, it can take hours for those who are trying to kill all the deadly for your home safety.


From time to time, your crazy neighbors will help you and tell you some tips. Each time you pass a level, you will gain a new type of plant, and the more you go, the more zombies will attack you.


We liked it a lot and we are sure that you like it too. 

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Demo 3.1 PopCap Games, Inc.


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