Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Scott Cawthon


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The demo lets you play only the first three nights.

Frayney's 4th Five Nights is the fourth and final installment in this incredibly popular horror story, which dipped the people of Windows and Android after the release of the first game in 2014. Since then, in less than a year, five nights have become a symbol of horror in FAD.


During this time, you do not have to patrol a pizzeria like security cameras or something like that. Instead, you control a young man who, in the night, has to protect himself from a terrible creature, which keeps him in shadow and hiding in every dark corner.


In Freddie's four-game gameplay, in any case, similar in the previous installment. You can roam through any of the rooms in the room from the bed and open it by putting a button. You can use a flashlight to lighten an area for a short time.


An important thing during the game is to adjust your speaker volume. Why? Because your enemies need to breathe in order to predict their attack. Also, when they get you, you're more afraid when the volume is high.


Freddie's 4th overnight is a memorable game that can get you more than just a few times. The graphics have improved slightly compared to the third title, even made a great experience. 

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Demo 1.0 Scott Cawthon


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