Who's Your Daddy

Who's Your Daddy


Who is your father from the beginning, a joke made in bad taste. This is a multiplayer game where two players play a father and his child. The purpose of the father is to protect the child from all dangers from the house, closing it, hiding clear products, or disabling electricity. On the other hand, the child's fearsome mission is to end his own life as soon as possible.


Each circle of the game lasts only a few minutes. With hazardous substances, the health of the child is bad or because of the hazardous substance itself. If he dies, then the game is over. Parents keep alive as much as possible until they reach the house and protect the family from disaster. Here, the game actually gets it right.


Your dad is seen as a fantastic offensive game, but it's really just about innocent fun. The graphics are definitely annoying, but at least they do not take the very thing that happens on the screen.

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Free 0.2.0 Adventures


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