Benjamin Glatzel
Minecraft's attractive cousin

Terasology is an openly inspired game based on and is based on Minecraft and, despite having an initial development stage, is working to add new features to the original formula, such as the Dungeon style the animals employing your service, the careers or the dwarf castle.


Terasology Minecraft offers similar mechanics, including this small addition, you can go along with breaking and blocking all types of blocks using them to build structures, save your inventory, etc.


These strategies allow you to create different tools, using the weapon, brighten the dark spots with torch, eat a certain mixture for the restoration of life-style and all other possibilities


This is made with graphics that maintain Minecraft's block-based style and adds new and original elements to make the experience even more interesting. Two spectacular examples of water and sky.


Terasology is an impressive 'sandbox' game that, in addition to free and open many possibilities, offers excellent graphics and sounds.

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Free 61 Benjamin Glatzel


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