Counter Strike 2D

Counter Strike 2D
Unreal Software

Counter Strike 2D is a great clone of the game, which gives us hours and hours with a gamepad in our hands, but now we can enjoy it at 2 levels.


As we run the original game, when running this 2D version, we will be able to play multiplayer on the internet or through intranet. Also possible to play offline with bots (both assistant or competitive)


Counter Strike 2D offers various types of weapons and missions: for example, install explosive or rescue someone. Although the graphic environment is 2D, the words are 3D.


One of the main features you can find in this game is that the Counter Strike 2D is a scenery maker easy to use because you can create your own map. Those maps can be shared with other gamers.


If you want a counter strike, try this version, it will not disappoint you.

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