Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space


To launch these small and savage birds in space, you have to come to the computer in the world of Angry Birds.


We've been playing with these birds for a few months, they are very famous, but the new dimensions were just a small change, so Rovio developers decided to change it and the space keeps them likely to offer us a different game.


Being in space, you are thinking of attracting different gravitational birds to birds and the birds have changed. New environment, new birds, similar exciting mechanics.


Nowadays, it gives us 60 different levels, however, we've gained experience in previous versions, so they add more levels to the next updates.


Angry Birds Space includes new superpoints, can help you pass a certain level at any time, or you need to get a credit to get extra stars.


Graphically, the game also improved Environment is more beautiful than ever and more detailed and those new physics are excellent.


Oh, yes, as usual, green pigs placed in strange places of the environment are killed.


Angry Birds Space offers an excellent way of offering fun to us. They have performed a nice game and we hope to enjoy it for a long time.

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License Version Developer
Demo 1.4.1 Rovio