WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop

Use Whatsapp from your Desktop

One of the biggest problems with WhatsApp is that you need to run a compatible browser to use it on your PC. Thankfully, it's easy to run the fully-fledged desktop client version in its own window and has all the features of the web version.

Just like a web browser, this program will scanned and scan the program through your cellphone, which you will be able to do via Whatsapp on your smartphone. In this application menu bar, simply label the WhatsApp icon. After that, all your conversations, sessions, and contacts will be synced and you can contact them with your PIN without any hassle.

When team manipulation, sending and receiving messages, you can use a camera integrated with your desktop (if available) that you want to send video and photos. The only restrictions we are just mentioned; You will need it running on your Android or iOS and running to use it on your desktop.

By the Iraqi Okumira


Windows 8 or higher required.

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Free 2.2117.5.0 WhatsApp