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Powerful open source graphic editor

GIMP, the acronym of the GNU Image Manipulation Program, is the name of this powerful and well-known free image editor, which puts lots of tools in your hand for your image editing work.

Although the program is free, do not think it's a poor program. GIMP has become very popular and it is not a good fortune. GIMP is very effective, powerful and fast. It can be used as a simple 'paint' or as a full and professional photo editor.

We have highlighted its flexibility, because you can adapt it to your style of work. It's called Adobe Photoshop Free.

The GIMP has included many features that were only included in the very expensive programs so far, so now that they are free, now their time to use them.

GIMP is becoming more and more famous due to its powerful function, of course, because it is completely free.

How to apply "Game Boy Effect" in your photo using jumps

although many think the free image editor is somewhat embarrassing and annoying at the gym, it is certain that there is nothing to envy commercial options while implementing effects in the import and film. In this case, we're going to make it a gimp tutorial similar to the look of an old school game boy in a photo by rescaling it, limiting the color palette, and limiting the color palette.

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How to create 3D logos from flat images using GIMP and Blender

Creating a three-dimensional version of a logo or corporate image can be a rather complicated effort, but we are going to show you how firstly, although there are countless refined design tools, you can always turn on free software to do a project like this.

In this case, we are learning how to use 3D images from flat images using two well-known free programs: GIMP and Blender.

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