A comprehensive editing and photo-management suite

There are a large number of apps that are focused on photo management: editing, indexing, organizing, composing, impacting etc. Typically you need an application for every type of operation, but today's more powerful programs are Photoscape, one of the best free to image image editing suites that group these utilities into a single app.

Photoscape is a photo management tool pack that seeks to give their images a professional touch, as well as others who want to make small changes only.

Among all the features it has, the highlighted file browser, graphic editor, effects editor (frame, collage, template, compose, etc.), a complete GIF creator, a print manager, and a screenshot tool. All simple and intuitive handle.

Too large number of preset effects, you can change a little bit of an experiment to create original compositions from an older photo recovery.

If you work with frequent images, you will not be able to separate yourself from Photoshop once you try. Download it today

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Free 3.7


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