MecaNet Teclado

MecaNet Teclado
A collection of typing lessons from MecaNet

The MecaNet keyboard is an effective tool that allows you to write correctly on your PC, so that you can be faster, more agile, efficient and professional. How? Simply using concise repetitive lessons that you used to write with the right finger for each key. There is a small window with key combinations of applications that you will not have to do without mistake.

This application takes 17 lessons, which can be written from simple key combinations, with each key on the keyboard. Every time, the MecaNet keyboard tells you that any posture is good for your hand, what keys are combined, and recommendations to recommend so that you can write faster at the speed of not seeing the keyboard and express concern about speed rather than worry about the mistakes.

The program shows you the wrong error number, and what you get very well, as well as spending time (that can not break you), correct strikes every minute, and wrong percentage percent. 

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