Carl Burch
Design and simulation of digital logic circuits

Without the ability to learn the basic concepts of logic circuits, there is nothing more than Logistics's goal.

It is a Java powered tool whose purpose is to be closer to the digital logic circuit electric design and simulation of students. It is considered as an educational tool, how you help to learn how to work in the circuit

One of the main uses of logistics is the design and design of the CPU or other Central Processing Unit.

Logiser users can count with other interesting functions such as a time-consuming analysis model that will help you convert circuits, expressions, booleans and true tables; Or reconstruct the smallest part of the probable circuit and make part of their large circuits.

Circuits can be stored as a file program, exported in GIF archives or printed.


Requires Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or later

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OpenSource 2.7.1 Carl Burch