Easy Photo Movie Maker

Easy Photo Movie Maker

Infoworks Technology
Present your photos in a slideshow with music

With Easy Photo Movie Maker, you can convert your photos to a slideshow with an event, trip or a party, music from music, and a variety of video effects.

To do this, you can use a very comfortable assistant who guides you through the whole process of creation step-by-step. So, you have to choose the images you want to keep, the background color that you want (this will be seen during your transmission) and songs or songs that you want to include.

Once you finish this project, you have the option to upload it directly to YouTube or Facebook, or it also records a DVD to play it in a DVD player.

Simple Photo Movie Maker is an easy-to-read tool thanks to its easy-to-use process, anyone can create slideshows at your own pace for a few minutes.


Finished works carry a watermark.

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