Hiren's BootCD

Hiren's BootCD

The most complete all-in-one bootable CD

Hyer's Bootsid is an independent CD that holds a start up sequence with a comprehensive software and classified utility list that contains all the tools needed for your equipment. In this way you do not have to download these tools one by one from the Internet. Most of them work the same way and may seem ineffective, but they usually have a significant difference or they are complementary to each other.

Due to some mistakes in the system, the primary operating system can not be started, even hayer bootsidit can be useful.

In addition, when you install the operating system occasionally and find errors, such as the partition table does not work properly or hard disk space, thanks to this CD you can solve the problems of its tools. Especially with 'Acronise Disk Director Suite', it allows you to take control and see the error through a graphic environment.

How to install it?
1- Create a folder named HirensBoot on the desktop.
2- Double click on file and compress it in the created folder.
3- Executing the Universal Program USB Installer.
4- Select Hiron's boot CD in the drop-down menu.
5- Search the ISO in the HirensBoot folder on the desktop.
6- Select your pen drive and the box will be 'Format: Fat as 32' (Warning: it will erase everything on the USB stick)
7- Click the 'Create' button.

More info

License Version Developer
Free 15.2 Hiren


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