Google Play Chrome Extension

Google Play Chrome Extension

Free access your library of media from your browser

Google Chrome is a free extension / add-on for Google Chrome web browsers. Google Chrome is designed to give users access to the Play Store, integrated into the browser for easy access and convenient downloads. It's a one-stop shop for all types of media content, featuring movies, TVs, books, magazines, music, and more, your favorite. It provides an uninterrupted experience through access to your computer, smartphone, tablet or TV so that you can enjoy your content wherever you are and enjoy your content.

All of your favorite
As a direct competitor to Apple's iTunes and App Store, Google Play Android does not like to limit the number of online media stores, peer users and those using the phone to Android users. Its library is extensive and includes the latest movies, music, TV shows, books, magazines, applications and more. For every taste, something is found on Google Play. The Chrome extension specifically adds another layer to its accessibility and allows users to access the store directly from their browsers. Here, they can download any kind of media that can be accessed on their other devices, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or TV.

Convenient access to your library
The complete integration is the goal of Google Play and Chrome extensions, it is successful in bringing all your stuff to your browser. This is not limited to your desktop. Chrome made purchases can be easily accessed on your phone or tablet. Similarly, purchases made on your phone will be available for download on your desktop.

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