Launch applications from your keyboard using keywords

KeyBreeze lets you open applications, files or folders, and lets your websites access websites without closing the keyboard. By typing just a keyword, you can open a program that is displayed in the Start menu.

KeyBreeze displays a small text box in the system tray where you can type commands that the program will perform. Right-click the icon of the application to open the Options menu

In this menu, select 'Command list' in the menu to learn how words and expressions can be interpreted. For example: To start Microsoft Word, access the bitrate client or type 'word' as 'utorrent'. The default shortcut to launch an application is a comma key, however you can change it if you like.

But there is more to it, since Kibris allow you to run the computer to shut down commands, use RM memory, etc. It also has a tool for creating macros and a small system for post-brick-style notes.

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