If we told you that you can use your mouse in a different way? Now and thanks gmote will be more useful than ever, yes because now you will add gesture to it. Gesture is easy motion made with the mouse

Mouse gestures are very effective when you can use them, okay, it's more fun than it is first, but it must be done when you use them for a day or two. Plus, it provides you with a simple tutorial for the first time to run the program.

Gmote lets you configure it so that you can set gestures and actions by yourself. Do you want to run Firefox with a Z of El Zero on the screen? Now you can thank gmote for it.

Record the speed and assign an action. All that you have to do to give new features from your favorite mouse. It gives you quick access to websites, run programs, go back, move on, play games, enable shuffle ... Your mouse is now more useful than ever before.

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